DS Smith introduces highly consistent packaging performance with PACE

DS Smith has developed a revolutionary breakthrough in the packaging industry that will deliver exceptional, consistent packaging performance based on your needs. This innovation, based on rigorous technological advancement and testing, is known as the PACE program.

PACE stands for Performance, Assurance, Consistency, and Environment.

What does this mean for you?

  • Clear performance specifications
  • Clear conformance criteria
  • Reliable, consistent packaging
  • No unnecessary cost or risk
  • No more material than absolutely necessary

Significant investment in packaging technology, from paper fiber to package design and manufacture, has enabled this bold step forward and the result is an industry-leading DPPM.

Paying for performance, rather than paper parameters, makes good sense. Think of it in terms of buying a car. You don’t specify the material that the chassis should be made from, or how thick it should be. You specify the performance you want: Do you want to beat the lap time at the Indy 500 or are you just looking to safely transport three singing children and the family dog?

Our Packaging Strategists will work with you to understand the performance you need and will then design the best packaging, with the most efficient use of materials, to ensure that your product enjoys the desired level of performance, every single time.