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How do you pack sunlight in a box?

Strange requests are nothing new at DS Smith and our designers were unfazed when they were asked to pack ‘sunlight,’ or more accurately, light tubes, for Czech manufacturer Lightway.

Lightway’s expectations were the same as their customers – perfect delivery without any damage from their plant in the Czech Republic to top companies all over the world.

Lightway is a small, family-owned company that has expanded in the world market and its light tubes make our homes, shopping and work more convenient.

The Challenge:

Develop fully recyclable, space-efficient packaging to hold the highly engineered products firmly in place to avoid any damage, particularly abrasion.

Our Approach:

We used a series of PackRight Center workshops to rapidly develop prototypes for testing and refinement until we had something that could meet Lightway’s high expectations.

The Result:

  • Lower costs for transportation as the packaging is light, easily stackable and easily handled.
  • Maximum utilization of the space inside the box
  • Great environmental performance as the packaging is fully recyclable
  • More sales as the light tubes can be safely and confidently shipped the world over
  • Outstanding protection for greater customer satisfaction and lower costs