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Circular Design Metrics

A cutting edge tool to drive the sustainability of your packaging.

Following the launch of our Circular Design Principles, we have developed Circular Design Metrics for packaging.

With this pioneering tool we can rate and compare the circularity of your packaging designs across 8 different indicators: carbon footprint, design for reuse, supply chain optimization, recyclability, planet safety, material utilization, renewable source and recycled content.

Circular Design Metrics - an industry first – enables brands and retailers to compare different design solutions, helping them to reduce waste and pollution and keep materials and products in use for longer.

What's in it for you?

Circular Design Metrics will enable you to drive sustainability through packaging by:

  • Reducing waste and pollution
  • Keeping materials and products in use for longer
  • Regenerating natural systems.

There is no need to compromise between:

  • Protecting your product.
  • Making your entire supply cycle more efficient.
  • Boosting your environmental performance.
  • Delivering a better customer experience.

Ready to get started? Read this first.

Download a PDF with the details of how we use Circular Design Metrics, the benefits for you and your customers, and real-world case studies.


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