Sustainable Packaging Innovations on Display

DS Smith North America Packaging and Paper Division to Showcase Sustainable E-Commerce Innovations at Pack Expo 2019

DS Smith North America Packaging and Paper Division will exhibit at PACK EXPO International from September 23-25 in Booth #LS-5974 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Under ‘Redefining Packaging for a Changing World,’ DS Smith will showcase the latest shelf and retail-ready packaging insights, e-commerce innovations and sustainability initiatives.

Highlighting our advancements in e-commerce solutions,a packaging industry first - DS Smith’s DISCS™ machine - will be on-hand to demonstrate how the process of simulating the bumps and scrapes of the average e-commerce supply chain ensures packages can survive the transportation supply chain and the last mile to the customer’s door.

Named after the different types of critical testing, DISCS (Drop, Impact, Shock, Crush & Shake), consists of five pieces of equipment, each replicating a part of the product journey, creating a real-world testing environment that evaluates the performance of your packaging.

Showcasing shelf-ready packaging insights, multiple examples of RRP & SRP innovation will be featured, including SalesFront®, a new packaging system that continually pushes products to the front of the shelf and avoids the need for on-shelf apparatus.

The SalesFront® pack incorporates a specially engineered band into a retail-ready corrugated package, which smoothly moves the contents forward as each item is removed. Not just a pack design, SalesFront® is a packaging system developed by DS Smith with a range of equipment to assist the assembly and filling process.

Lastly, emphasizing DS Smith’s commitment to sustainability is Greencoat®, the wax-replacement corrugated packaging solution that performs as well as wax in cold and wet environments - perfect for the poultry, produce and seafood supply chain.

Greencoat®’s patented formula makes boxes fully recyclable and repulpable, another example of innovation from DS Smith that has long-term sustainability built into every box.

DS Smith’s public commitment to sustainability is evidenced by the recent announcement of an agreement to become a Global Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The partnership will accelerate the company’s circular economy drive and support innovation across the business, including recycling and carbon-efficiency in e-commerce

To learn more about DS Smith’s innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, visit DS Smith at Pack Expo Booth #LS-5974.