Join a business that’s a game changer. Like you.

If you’re ambitious, care about the planet and want a rewarding career with a real purpose – welcome to DS Smith. We’re going to be good together.


We are a global packaging company, helping to build a more sustainable world.

The world has always changed. But right now, it’s changing faster than ever. As consumers we are all demanding more of the products and services we buy. At the same time, we want the businesses we buy from to radically reduce their impact on the natural world. And, where possible, to have a positive effect on people and the planet. That’s where DS Smith – and you – come in.

DS Smith’s North American operations are headquartered in Atlanta, with 17 manufacturing, paper and recycling facilities, totalling nearly 2,000 employees.

Every day we come to work with a purpose

Our Purpose is ‘Redefining Packaging for a Changing World’. It’s our reason for being and why our team of around 29,000 DS Smith employees across 300+ sites in North America, Europe, and Asia come to work every day.

With our innovative approach to packaging, we are already protecting natural resources, reducing waste and pollution and leading the transition to a ‘circular’, more sustainable future.

Our 20/21 performance highlights include:

  • Training 100% of our designers on our Circular Design Principles: designing for recyclability, to reduce waste and pollution and make it easier for consumers to recycle more.
  • Reducing CO2e per ton of production by 4% compared to last year 
  • Reducing CO2e per ton of production by 15% compared to 2015
  • Achieving a 5% reduction in water abstraction per ton of like-for-like paper production compared to last year 
  • Sending 32% less waste to landfill per ton of like-for-like paper production compared to last year 
  • Launching 57 biodiversity projects in our local communities


Be part of a business that makes you feel proud

We are different as we see the opportunity for packaging to play a powerful role in a changing world. Join us and help our customers respond to changing shopping habits with the sustainable packaging solutions that our society needs.

  • Work for a business that cares about the environment and makes a difference to the world – a career you’ll want to tell your family and friends about.
  • Feel motivated and get all the support you need to develop new skills, career paths and journeys with us.
  • Enjoy a supportive, transparent environment and safe workplace, where everyone shares the same goals, knows what’s expected of them and has clear direction.
  • Come to work in a place where you have a voice and where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.
Our employees volunteering for World Cleanup Day.
Our employees volunteering for World Cleanup Day.

Not only that, you’ll be part of a company that:

  • Is one of only seven packaging companies in the world to commit to the UN’s Race to Zero, joining other High-Level Climate Champions spearheading the race to a cleaner, safer, healthier and more resilient world.
  • Is one of only 19 Strategic Partners of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – the recognised global authority on the ‘Circular Economy’ – sharing ideas with other global businesses including Google, Unilever, Renault and the H&M Group.
  • Has launched its own Sustainability Strategy, committing us to meet the sustainability challenges facing our world today as well as those that will impact on future generations.


Choose your DS Smith team

We are a global packaging business, made up of three divisions:

Together our three business divisions create a circular business model, collecting waste paper, recycling it to produce the new paper which we turn into packaging. And, incredibly, we can complete that circle in as little as 14 days.

Be a pioneer in the shift to the Circular Economy

By joining our team you’ll be helping us lead the transition to The Circular Economy - a genuine solution to some of the biggest global sustainability challenges facing the world like pollution, waste, biodiversity loss and climate change.

The transition to the Circular Economy isn’t optional. It’s the only viable alternative to the current linear economy that’s based on a ‘take, make, waste’ mindset we’ve slavishly followed since the industrial revolution.

But the clock is ticking, and to make change happen faster we are already hard at work, building a dynamic and diverse ecosystem of people from across our own business, our industry, government, communities and beyond.

We also need you.

Meet Allison

I'm thrilled to be leading the company’s efforts to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in North America, and I'm passionate about bringing positive change to communities who are underserved and are directly impacted by climate change.

Allison Berg
Sustainability Manager for DS Smith North America Paper & Packaging


of waste is created at a product’s design stage. Together we can change that.

Likeminded but not the same

At DS Smith we have around 29,000 talented individuals working across three Continents – from China to North America – and we’re growing every day. As one of our four strategic goals we realise the potential of our people. Which means providing a safe working environment where we support each other and where everyone can thrive. 

Quite simply our aim is to make you the very best at what you do, regardless of your race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical or mental ability, religious or ethical values system, national origin or political beliefs.

Creating a culture of inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.
Creating a culture of inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.

Today our workforce is made up of people from across 34 countries worldwide. Over a third of our senior team are women, including 37% at board level and we are striving hard to create an even more modern, inclusive and diverse culture where all employees feel valued and respected.

From Pennsylvania to Poland, we give back

We are an ethical business that believes in supporting each other as well as the communities that we are part of.

We’re a responsible neighbor that cares about our local as well as our global environment and all our employees are engaged in community projects that have a vital role to play in delivering the commitments we’ve made in our Now and Next Sustainability strategy.

In the last 12 months a total of 166 of our sites have engaged with their communities, with activities from school trips to trash pickups occurring almost every other day somewhere at our sites around the world.

We have a clear set of values that we expect all our employees to own and live by. These are to be caring, challenging, trusted, responsive and tenacious. Everything we do is aligned to these values.

We offer you:

  • A comprehensive induction. Exposure to various business areas and projects often delivered by senior stakeholders within our company.
  • Training & Development. A comprehensive programme tailored to the area of our business that interests you and your personal goals.
  • Performance reviews. Regular check-ins & feedback to ensure you’re on track to meet and exceed your potential, right up to leadership roles.
  • Make a difference. Above all, you’ll play your part in redefining packaging for a changing world’.

We are innovators, collaborators, do-ers and dreamers. What about you?

We work together, share ideas and explore new ways to innovate and delight our customers and we are breaking down traditional barriers so that radical thinking can flourish across our sites, across the world.

We have exciting opportunities across our three business divisions and at the group level for experienced professionals and graduates in engineering, manufacturing, operations, production, support services and corporate services.

We promise you a rewarding career, with clear career pathways, and will give you all the support you need to fulfil your ambitions.