AbbeyFineArtFlute ahead of the rest

AbbeyFineArtFluteTM has been used to produce prints designed by Lent Rise School, which decorated the mocked up athletes accommodation recently visited by Sir Sebastian Coe and the Olympics Committee.

The school, which is situated near Downey Lake, the rowing site for the Olympic Games in 2012, has joined Get Set – the official London 2012 educational programme. The children designed a set of vibrant images which were chosen to brighten up the walls of the athletes’ accommodation.

The prints were reproduced by Sheetfeeding using their AbbeyFineArtFluteTM material and then constructed into wall mountable prints by Remploy so that the mocked up apartment revealed recently to the press could be as “finished” as possible - all part of the process of showing that the preparations for the Olympic Games in 2012 are going well.

AbbeyFineArtFluteTM offers the perfect solution for this type of application. The excellent print surface, combined with the appearance of canvas, is obviously the most crucial aspect, but it’s the other features which make it ideal. The product is lightweight so it’s easy to handle and hang – good if you are doing large scale installations, it’s cost effective and, importantly, its 100% recyclable so ideal for a temporary display. 

All these attributes also make AbbeyFineArtFluteTM perfect for use when creating prints for decorative wall art, marketing promotions, fund raising, gift and souvenir markets – In particular AbbeyFineArtFluteTM can be utilised to achieve additional revenue streams for tourist attractions, sports shops/clubs, museums and art galleries as it can be sized to suit the most modest of budgets and offers a far more affordable print than traditional canvas.

Samples and product sheets are available from Sheetfeeding; please telephone 01234 790800.

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