Shared challenge, shared goal

Working together we develop insights for packaging that helps you increase your sales, lower your cost and manage business risks.

One-size-fits-all packaging never works.

Instead, great packaging is tailored.  It delivers the right results for you, whether you seek to make consumers loyal, attract shoppers, improve availability, prevent product damage or reduce distribution cost. 

That’s what we call Supply Cycle Thinking.  The right packaging achieves results continuously, time and time again, every time you pack your product.

Collaboration at the heart of the PackRight approach

This is what we do every day, everywhere. We call it PackRight.  It’s our name for our way of working - we work collaboratively with you, to help you achieve the results you want. 

To make the PackRight approach as successful as we can, we’ve introduced a number of innovative tools and facilities, including our Impact and PackRight Centres. 

An Impact Centre workshop, tailored to your specific interests, is a unique experience allowing you to touch, feel and see packaging in action at every stage of the Supply cycle.  Our PackRight Centres offer collaborative, interactive sessions, to help define packaging that creates the greatest benefit for you.  With success criteria clear, our dedicated team of experts, supported by cutting edge tools, will develop and deliver your ideal packaging.

The journey to your ideal packaging follows our 4 step development process



We identify your priorities and review what the packaging needs to do at each touch point and in every function


We develop creative ideas together, we challenge those ideas with alternatives and we refine the concept


We test the proposal and validate the proposal with you


Your packaging goes into production and is delivered to you! We then follow up to ensure your expectations are met

A strong and growing network of Impact and PackRight Centres across Europe

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