PackRight Centre

Our PackRight Centres are where we roll up our sleeves with you and together we bring inspiration from the drawing board to the factory floor.

Our skilled and experienced designers and engineers use our 4 step process and the latest technology and tools to deliver bespoke solutions.  Those bespoke solutions are focused on supply cycle effectiveness and maximising opportunities to increase sales, lower cost and manage risk.

Our hundreds of designers across Europe share best practice and innovation using a unique company-wide software platform, ensuring customers can access the latest thinking.

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And we don't just respond to our customers' existing challenges. We proactively go out to customers with new innovations that will help them seize new opportunities.

Our PackRight approach to the optimum packaging

 The PackRight criteria for success are always agreed at the beginning: do you want to increase sales, lower costs or manage risk? But regardless of the criteria the product is always the same: new packaging designed, tested and produced with you, to your needs, your supply chain, your strategic goals. 

  • Experience our structured workshop to get more benefits from your packaging
  • A dedicated team of experts will be composed to your needs
  • Define specific optimisation areas and success criteria together
  • You and our packaging specialists will work together on developing the right packaging according to your priorities
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