industrial packaging and bulk pacakging

Bulk Packaging

At DS Smith, we specialise in the production of heavy duty bulk packaging for a wide range of industries

Our double and triple wall Heavy Duty Corrugated Cardboard pallet based solutions are made from natural and fully recyclable ingredients. Kraft Liner, Semi Chemical fluting and wet strength adhesives are used for optimum performance, shipping weights in excess of 2 tonnes. We can also design and produce single and multi-trip Bulk Packaging specifications for home markets too.

Pallet Boxes and Intermediate Bulk Containers also provide a cost effective packing option, thanks to significant labour and shipping savings.

They can be produced to your specific requirements, presenting a professional image, optimising the whole process and generating significant savings. When used in conjunction with our cardboard pallets, the container can either be re-used or fully recycled, benefiting the environment.

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