Cooler system

When shipping biological and pharmaceutical materials, a minor temperature shift can damage a product’s integrity

The sensitive nature of many pharmaceutical or biological products means temperature controlled packaging solutions are an absolute necessity.

At DS Smith, when we are developing packaging solutions we simulate its performance in the real world. Our aim is to ensure the integrity of a product until it arrives at its end destination.

A number of insulated containers and coolers are available in a wide range of sizes to fit our customer’ specific applications and modes of transport.


For temperature-sensitive perishables such as lab samples, vaccines, biopsy materials, diagnostic kits and culture packs, temperature-controlled shipping containers must have the appropriate wall thickness to maintain low temperature consistency of a product during shipment.

The addition of coolers, meanwhile, provides optimum protection for refrigerated and chilled products.

When ordering insulated shipping cartons, we advise customers first measure a product by length, width and height, and then allow additional space for refrigerant packs to ensure the desired temperature can be maintained during transit.

From small to large and lightweight to heavy, DS Smith offers a packaging solution to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is for our customers to ship confidently, knowing that their packaging is durable, secure and meets regulatory compliance standards.

Benefits of DS Smith’s high performance cooler system :

  • One-stop shop for the customer
  • Good TCO
  • Flexibility for customer
  • Additional benefit of DS Smith’s distribution capabilities
  • Provide JIT assembly and pan-European distribution