Hirundobox helps conserve bird life

SCA Packaging Hungary has developed a new solution to protect bird life: the Hirundobox.

This innovation enables a comfortable stay for the animals during their ringing while migrating to Africa.

At the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn swallows (e.g. “hirundo rustica” = barn swallow) flock together before their long trip to Africa. At the same time, bird ringers come together to mark the swallows. The ringing helps re-finding the birds in order to study their life.

During the day, the birds hunt for insects but at sunset they spend the night in large reeds. So ringing lasts into the night. But they must not be set free after the ringing as they won’t find their resting place for the night and maybe fall prey to night predators. Therefore swallows have to spend the night at ringing stations.

Faster and safer ringing

In the course of capturing large flocks it has been impossible to manage the birds’ safe and comfortable stay. So it was necessary to find a new solution to speed up the ringing. SCA Packaging’s Hungarian Design Centre therefore developed the Hirundobox which fulfils birds’ needs and meets the ringers’ expectations at the same time through:

  • Natural ventilation by the cutouts in the walls.
  • Holes for the sitting reeds provide comfortable relaxation.
  • Faster and safer ringing with right sized door and easy-to-use lock.
  • Full sized convertible top and top-locks for to set the swallows free quickly and easily.

The Hirundobox was used by several organisations, amongst them BirdLife Hungary, Pilis Nature Conservation Organisation and Budapest Zoo. They reported that none of the swallows were hurt in the ringing process despite the fact that 40 birds can take place in one box.

SCA Packaging Hungary is the sole manufacturer and supplier of the box.

For more information please contact:

Viktor Korompay viktor.korompay@sca.com or Gabriella Sinka gabriella.sinka@sca.com at SCA Packaging Hungary