Design Challenge finalists chosen by jury

One of the five shortlisted candidates will become the overall winner of the Design Challenge on 23 March during the 'Packaging Experience 09' event in Brussels.

The finalists chosen by the Jury are:

DISCO CHOCO by Natacha Lesty from the Ecole Internationale de Design (France)

The concept focuses on the theme 'disco': sharing pleasant moments, brilliant colours, music... It is made of single material (corrugated board) in order to facilitate recycling.

SWEET NOTES by Miriam Liebana from the UPC (Spain)

This concept focuses on the link between chocolate and human relations. The interactive packaging allows for the consumer to write a small message, depending on the mood they are in. 

CHIC by Florin Alexa-Morcov (Romania)

This concept is built arund the premise of making your own chocolate at home. It consists of different varieties of cocoa powder and cocoa butter than can be mixed and matched together, allowing the consumer to create his or her own favourite chocolate flavour.

POP YOUR FLAVOUR by Jorg Rijkschroeff and Ralf de Bruin from the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (Netherlands)

The pack is divided in sections that each contain a portion of chocolate, so that it doesn't need to be re-closed.

SIX SQUARE by Kajsa Ericsson and Ylva Söderström from the Lund University (Sweden)

This concept offers the consumer the chance to eat only one small piece of chocolate at a time. The concet is iconic and decorative and maximises the use of space.

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