SCA Packaging Denmark awarded with a Scanstar

The winning packaging has been developed for and in close co-operation with Danish Crown.

The customer is profiting so much from the new solution that they call it ‘a small revolution’.

Until now, Danish Crown exported frozen pork fillets in a transport packaging from SCA consisting of three parts: four-point-glued bottom and top as well as a separate partition.

The new packaging is made from one piece of corrugated board, also integrating the partition. According to the Scanstar jury: "It is a packaging providing efficient production, reduced material waste and packing time, streamlined logistics and reduced environmental impact." 

“It’s revolutionary”, finds Kim Revsbech, Group Purchaser, Danish Crown. “We are constantly demanding our suppliers to find financial savings and preferably also CO2 reductions, and the new solution from SCA is to a great extent living up to our expectations.

And in addition the new solution is three to four times stronger than the old packaging. There’s a significant improvement!”

Left: Benny Olesen, SCA
Middle: Kim Revsbæk, Danish Crown
Right: Poul Jensen, SCA

For more information please contact

lemming Larsen, Development Manager, Design Centre Manager, SCA Packaging Denmark