Flu vaccine gets packed by SCA Packaging

SCA Värnamo and SCA Cool Logistics have been assisting in the packing and distribution needs of their customer Posten Logistics AB who was challenged with supplying 18,000,000 doses of H1N1 vaccination to the Swedish market.

SCA Packaging Värnamo worked in collaboration with SCA Cool Logistic to develop the packaging.  The solution consists of an EPS box, corrugated and a Coolbrick to ensure that the vaccine is protected and stays temperature controlled between 2-8°C.
“When we found out that a mass vaccination would be done, we were able to make suggestions that would be suitable for this difficult logistical task well within the timeframe of delivery” stated Johan Liljekvist, Regional Manager for SCA Packaging Sweden Speciality Products.

This concept has opened up a number of possibilities for other SCA customers within the pharmaceutical branch.

Read more about SCA Cool Logistics. (www.sca-cool-logistics.com) or our company statement on the Mexican Flu (H1N1)

For more information please contact:

Johan Liljekvist, Regional Manager
SCA Packaging Sweden Speciality Products