Innovation at SCA Packaging Eerbeek

As one of the largest producers of corrugated board packaging in the Netherlands, SCA Packaging Eerbeek is specialised in packing and protecting the most divergent products. Moreover SCA Packaging also applies its knowledge and experience in other fields.

This innovating and renewing look on packaging techniques has already lead, for several customers of SCA Packaging, to practical, cost-efficient and above all, workable solutions. The CarbonMax active carbon filter has been developed in association with Euromate BV from Alkmaar.

New application, existing technique

Euromate is, among other things, producer of indoor air cleaners. For its visionary air cleaner, Euromate was in search for a solution for the new filter concept CarbonMax. This is an active carbon filter, with which detrimental gases and unpleasant fragrances from air can be filtered.

Several possibilities in corrugated board, plastic and metal were examined and out of which a combination of EPS and corrugated board was chosen. SCA Packaging Eerbeek presented different innovative designs, and in the end the design in corrugated board was selected.

The advantages of the design in corrugated board were extended:

1. Savings on materials costs
2. Light weight (as a result of which the filter is easy to handle)
3. Easily to assemble
4. More environmental friendly
5. Remains beautiful and well-cared-for look, also after a half year use
6. The filter holder can be made in every desired colour
7. Much space for information on the filter by using a large sticker
8. Easy to fill with active carbon

SCA Packaging & Design

SCA Packaging is becoming a company representing much more than only a packaging supplier. The emphasis during the last years lies more and more on the innovative and creative aspect of packaging technique. Our design centres within and outside the Netherlands and the professional designers are dedicated to that purpose.

About SCA Packaging the Netherlands

SCA Packaging the Netherlands is a leading supplier of customer-specific packaging solutions with the emphasis on state-of-the art design and local services close to the customer.

With a product-port folio that contains transport, consumer and promotional packaging, displays, special tailor made packaging and industrial packaging, we can respond to each packaging question from the market. It is the combination of knowledge, experience and passion which makes SCA Packaging to one of the most prominent packaging producers of Europe. As a component of the SCA Concern we also belong to one of largest of our country. 

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