Corrugated board construction pleases London festival visitors

At the London Festival of Architecture 2008, a heavy duty corrugated board construction with over 100 large, medium and small steps (stoops) was made by SCA for the festival’s visitors to sit and relax on, walk over, or just enjoy.

The highly appreciated construction was made by SCA Packaging Europe’s Hinckley (UK) based operations in conjunction with 6A Architects, Brompton Estates and Icon Magazine.

“The idea behind the structure originally comes from New York where stoops are the commonly used name for steps where it’s cool to hang out and relax. It captures the spirit of the event,” says Mark Furman, SCA Packaging’s Industrial Division Market Manager for non-packaging solutions.

6A wanted to replicate this type of atmosphere in the very heart of the festival and needed to find a material that was in keeping with the event.

SCA’s heavy duty corrugated board was the perfect answer, being environmentally friendly, strong enough to make a structure almost 1.6 meters high that up to 20 people could sit on and relatively low cost.

“The design department was able to produce a magnificent range of structures that fulfilled the brief perfectly,” says Mark and continues: “The whole event fits in well with our non-packaging strategy. We manufacture a strong lightweight, environmentally friendly material that we just happen to turn into cardboard boxes the majority of the time. The stoops demonstrate the amazing capabilities of our product and what they can do with creative thinking.”

The festival took place in various London locations 20 June - 20 July and when it ended, the smaller stoops were taken home by visitors and the larger stoops have now been donated to local schools and collages to be used as theatre props and staging.

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Mark Furman - Market Manager
SCA Packaging Industrial Division, Hinckley UK
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