SCA Packaging’s Innovation Centre in “Dagens Industri”

Far from just being known as a forest company, SCA is moving into the consumer oriented perception and becomes a consumer products supplier.

SCA is moving away from just being known as a forest company and builds on a consumer oriented perception to be recognised as a consumer products supplier.

In line with this focus, SCA Packaging is going through a transformation: from just being an undifferentiated cyclical raw material pusher, the Business Group is focussed on becoming a full-service packaging provider whilst growing and differentiating its core business to offer customers increasing value.

The transformation is partly based on reinvigorated sales and marketing efforts and as a part of that ambition the Innovation Centre was build in Brussels.  The Innovation Centre is one of the key enablers to show our key customers what we can do for them and allows the packaging group to be a strategic partner to its clients, within selected strategic segments.  Dagens Industri came and took a look and followed a live case.

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Marta Claravalls
Communication Director