Sugar packaging from SCA Packaging Welpa awarded

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Austria annually awards the National Award for Ideal Packaging (Staatspreis Vorbildliche Verpackung) and Nominations for the National Award for Ideal Packaging (Nominierungen für den Staatspreis Vorbildliche Verpackung) for integrated packaging solutions. Each year, one consumer and one transport pack are awarded with the "Staatspreis" and up to eight packaging solutions receive nominations.

On 7 th November 2007, the award ceremony of the 51st Staatspreis took place. The sugar packaging from SCA Packaging Welpa was awarded with the Nomination for the Staatspreis 2007 in the category 'transport packaging'.

The packaging solution, made from single flute corrugated board with recycled paper, was produced for the customer Magyar Cukor Zrt. in Budapest, replacing shrink wrap.

The corrugated board has the advantage that it absorbs the residual moisture the sugar emits. This solved the problem of the products arriving wet in the retail shop. Furthermore, the manual packing process was simplified by a locking mechanism that replaced an adhesive strip. The stability of the sugar packaging solution ensures a secure transport. At the Point of Sale, it makes a visual impackt by the clean overall appearance which again helps increase sales.

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