SCA Packaging Europe wins five WorldStar Awards

Solutions from SCA Packaging Europe’s operations in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the UK were recognised by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) at this year’s Awards.

The winning solution by SCA Packaging Finland was designed for their customer Viherpeukalot, who sells and distributes potted plants by mail. The pack is designed for tall plants (100-150 cm) and consists of two parts. The inner structure ensures that the plant stays motionless and intact and also keeps the earth and the root system in place. A tear strip facilitates the opening of the pack after transport, so that it can be easily taken out without damaging the plant.


Swedish company Houdini Sportswear, who sells unique sports underwear, was looking for a packaging concept that reflected their product. Among other things, the pack had to have an organic look to it, be based on renewable raw materials and be able to function in different shop environments, ensuring maximum exposure. The pack, a collaboration between SCA Förpackningsservice in Sweden and SCA Packaging Flamingo in Denmark, combines corrugated board and PaperFoam® to ensure maximum brand appeal in-store while at the same time remaining 100% recyclable.


Another of the winning designs from SCA Packaging Denmark was the one developed for Bang and Olufsen for the transportation and distribution of LCD tv sets. Bang and Olufsen wanted SCA Packaging Denmark to design a smaller packaging in order to reduce costs for warehousing and transportation. The volume of the new pack is in fact only 60% compared to the previous solution. It consists of fewer parts, the material consumption has been minimised and the packing process is simpler and more efficient. In addition, new features have been added, ensuring flexibility in relation to different products and markets – even after the product has been packed. The solution is so strong that it can be shipped without a pallet.


The winning packaging for Danish company Grundfos functions as insulation for their hot water pumps while protecting the product during transportation. The solution consists of an outer pack of double corrugated board as well as a protective expanded polypropylene (EPP) shell, which offers an efficient protection during handling and transportation. After the water pump has been installed on its heating system, the service engineer can add the EPP shell onto the water pump once more, now working as an insulating shell, reducing the loss of heat.


SCA Packaging’s UK Industrial Division received its Worldstar Award for a transit pack for medical company Spacelabs. The pack was designed to house and protect the sensitive components of a life support machine during worldwide transportation. Working alongside the customer, SCA Packaging’s team were able to develop a solution that considers all aspects of the distribution chain and offers multiple benefits over the original packing method.

The new pack features a reduction in overall pack height, allowing the product to remain upright during air freight preventing damage to sensitive calibrated instruments, a significant reduction in pack weight, which reduces the cost of air freight, and the addition of a ramp to the custom-designed low profile pallet which removes the need for manual handling of the product.

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