Technological Innovation Award from MengNiu

Our packaging team in Huhhot (Inner Mongolia) recently took home a Technological Innovation Award from its customer – MengNiu – a renowned Chinese company among the top dairy products market leaders in China. Well done!

Among the packaging innovations developed for MengNiu by the Inner Mongolia team was an “automatic-locking” system for the assembly of corrugated product boxes. The re-engineered design radically reduces the time needed for manual assembly per box, which will result in significant annual labor cost savings for MengNiu.

“This new product design allows workers on the assembly line to complete the packaging job in just one simple step, as compared to five steps previously” says Mr Ma Peiqing (General Manager, SCA Packaging Huhhot)

SCA Packaging has been a supplier to MengNiu since 2005. “We are honored to receive recognition of our quality innovation and efforts from a nationwide leading company and top customer such as MengNiu. Since we introduced this innovation, our sales from MengNiu have seen tremendous growth!”

For more information please contact:

Wan Sze Mei
Communications SCA Packaging Asia