Award for multi-marketing display for Nestlé

The German Packaging Institute has awarded a very innovative and flexible display of SCA Packaging.

At the Point-of-Sale, it is all about making an impact in a very little time. This new POS display, developed in collaboration between SCA Packaging and Nestlé, has been recognised by the jury at the German Packaging Institute as being both practical and appealing.

The display is composed of trays, which can be taken out and put directly on shelf. A special flap mechanism in the trays makes it easy for the consumers to pick up the product.

Another advantage is that the display can be used not only for KITKAT, but for other Nestlé confectionary brands such as LION or NUTS. This three-brands-in-one concept maximises the branding exposure and creates an enhanced buying experience for the consumer.

The display was produced in collaboration between SCA Packaging Fulda and SCA Packaging Hanau in Germany. Fulda designers Jörg Dassow and Ralf Weber, together with Mr Joachim Soditt, Packaging Development Manager for Confectionary at Nestlé Germany, were behind this innovative design.

“These machine erected trays do not only work well in production, but also allow to display the product more. This makes it easier for the consumer to pick the product, which is of course Nestlé’s prime ambition.” states Marco Hilpert, Strategic Account Manager.

The display will be available in several retailers across Europe as of October. Congratulations to all who have been involved in the project.

For more information please contact:

Marco Hilpert
SCA Packaging Germany