Closing the loop through better design

By 2030 we are aiming to optimize every fiber for every supply chain

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Keeping materials in use for as long as possible is a key strategy of the circular economy. We'll "close the loop" as we focus on designing our products to be reused and recycled.


By 2023 we will manufacture 100% recyclable or reusable packaging


  • Training 100% of our designers in Circular Design Principles
  • Making recyclability mandatory in New Product Development
  • Monitoring and recognising progress through an internal certification process and reporting


By 2030 we are aiming for all our packaging to be recycled or reused


  • Downstream traceability mapping of all our packaging
  • Establish universal standards for the term ‘recyclable’
  • Play an active role in influencing/shaping recycling infrastructure in markets where it’s less well developed


A fully auditable closed-loop model for Laithwaites

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Laithwaite’s Wine is the most-recognized destination for buying wine online and was one of our first customers to be awarded our Closed-Loop Certification. Together, we demonstrated a fully auditable and traceable closed-loop model for their cardboard arriving to their distribution center.

Together, we developed the right strategies to close the loop on over 1,000 tons of cardboard packaging, ensuring materials are kept in the recycling loop for as long as possible and that the maximum value is obtained. As well as removing plastic, our redesigned packaging offers protection from all the jolts and impacts of the shipping supply chain.


Innovating together

We tackle big challenges holistically to find answers that would otherwise be out of reach. From design to production and supply to recycling we offer our customers a unified solution that is sustainable for all.

Developing the right strategies

Our experts work closely with customers to understand their needs. Together we find ways to help take advantage of today’s opportunities to deliver real solutions.