Unilever's new one-minute display

"Cuba Libre" is the name of the new standard display which promotes the majority of the versatile Unilever product range for retail, effective immediately.

The high-quality printed solution, developed by DS Smith, is characterised by extreme practicality: it can be used in many ways, saves space and can be set up in less than one minute – this guarantees decisive efficiency benefits for the six-part, completely glued display both during re-packing and for the Unilever sales force in the hectic market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

With 400 brands in more than 14 categories, no other company touches the everyday life of so many people in so many different ways as Unilever. In order to bring its versatile product portfolio to the shoppers at the point of sale, not only by grabbing attention, but also time and cost effectively, the company is backing standardised display solutions across Europe, such as the Cuba Libre floor display developed by DS Smith.

The six-part construction consists of a body, levels and a header is proof of high versatility and stability: individual inserts that are inserted into each of the levels ensure an optimum stability of the various product groups - be it deodorant, shampoo or sparkling soft drinks. If, instead of a floor display, a pallet display is required, the solution can be optionally positioned on a 1/8 pallet. Even in terms of assembly, Unilever is very flexible with the standard display already delivered complete. Be it directly at the retailer by the company's own sales team or in advance in the production halls of the re-packing service provider: the construction and fitting of the handy, space-saving secondary displays does not take more than a minute. The clearly arranged products always make a good impression in the sales area thanks to the open, sales-promoting construction as well as the high-quality print themes refined with varnish.