Three Packaging AsiaStar Awards for SCA Packaging Singapore

Packaging AsiaStar recently presented SCA Packaging Singapore with three separate packaging design awards for 2009.

Of the 103 entrants, SCA Packaging Singapore received an award for each of the three commercial categories in which it entered.

  • Transportation & Protection Category - Dell Monitor Protector:

    A design project for the 24” DELL monitor, produced by SCA Packaging Guangzhou
  • Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Category - Dell Green Endcaps:
    A design project for the 22” DELL monitor,produced by SCA Packaging Guangzhou.
  • Sales and Display Category - Yang Sheng Le Concentrated Herbal Soup Premium Pack:
    A design project for Nestlé, produced in Singapore (co-submitted with Nestlé R&D Pty Ltd).

Organized by the Asian Packaging Federation (APF) every year, AsiaStar is the only regional packaging design award in the world – as one might say, it is the Packaging ‘Oscars’ of Asia!

The candidates of AsiaStar are only eligible if they have won a national-level packaging award in their home countries within the preceding three year period. The participating countries this year
include China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

“This is a distinguished accomplishment by the Singapore Design Team, and I would like to congratulate them on their outstanding achievement” says Bob Lowther, President of SCA Packaging Asia.

For more information please contact

SP Tan - Design Center Manager
SCA Packaging Asia