The world’s biggest corrugated box

Four economy students from Aarhus Commercial School were assigned to carry out a project and get maximum media coverage. They had a good idea with this giant box and contacted SCA Packaging Denmark. The box was admitted in the Guiness Book of Records.

The final result certainly lived up to the ambitions: The 11.53 meter long, 4.61 meter wide and 2.31 meter high box appeared to be 35% bigger than the current (Dutch) record box.

John W. Skjødt, Packaging Designer, Grenaa, was ”Project Manager”, and Laila Møller Andersen, Graphic Designer, Grenaa, and Jeppe Mørup from the Marketing Department were involved in both the planning and building phase.

Of course, John and Laila had made excellent preliminary work, so the box was easy to assemble. It was just a little difficult to place the big top on the 2.31 meter high box.

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Jeppe Mørup, Marketing Manager, SCA Packaging Denmark