Design Centre in St Petersburg

The Design Team in St Petersburg celebrated the opening of the first Design Centre in Russia together with main customer by end of August.

Corrugated board consumption in Russia is growing rapidly due to development of a number of different industries such as food, household chemistry, tobacco and others. Growth rates varies from 8 up to 15 percent depending on which region it is. Besides, the structure of demand has changed significantly. Among other factors, retail growth impacts packaging through new standards and requirements coming from retail chains to their suppliers including SCA customers. Producers have to adapt their transport packaging into SRP/RRP and a new Design Centre is an adequate response to these trends.

Companies invited to the Design Centre opening were main customers from BBH, Philip Morris, Dirol Cadbury among others. They were introduced to the Design Centre concept and advanced tools like SAM, CAPE, Artios CAD, Imagine and Midas used by our Design team while creating and developing packaging solutions. Besides, customers became acquainted with current and future projects of the Design Centre within bakery, household chemistry, confectionery and alcohol. Customers showed great interest in packaging solutions as a part of a full service packaging providing concept.

After the opening a lot of positive contacts with customers were strengthened. The Design team here in St Petersburg are very pleased to note the positive response from our customers and there is a big interest to take part in different workshops and projects, says Sergey Gershtein, Design Centre Manager in St Petersburg.

For further information, please contact:
Sergey Gershtein
Design Centre Manager
SCA Packaging St Petersburg