Supplying a price winner

SCA Packaging Mariager has supplied the cardboard sleeve for a new price-winning product from Larsen Danish Seafood, the largest supplier of mackerel products in Scandinavia. And the concept indicates new existing areas for expansion.

The new product from Larsen Danish Seafood, "FrokostFisk" (in English marketed under the slogan "Worlds easiest lunch-break") was awarded a prize in the international competition Seafood Prix d’Elite at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels in April 2007. The judges emphasised that the product line features a revolutionary packaging that facilitates preparation of meals at home or away from home.

"FrokostFisk" includes three variants of mackerel - tomato, curry or chili, is without preservatives and mayonnaise and is indeed easy-to-use..

The product is packed in a plastic tray partioned into four sections, which are easily separated. The tray is wrapped in a cardboard sleeve.

– The pathbreaking innovation is the new plastic tray with peelable lids, which resist autoclaving,, and thanks to a clever perforation the tray can be divided into single potions. Our contribution to the winning solution, an advanced sleeve with several tear features, was hardly of decisive importance for the prestigious award, but nevertheless the concept is of great interest for us, Mogens Tøth, General Manager, SCA Packaging Mariager, explains.

– As the product is now marketed in the refrigerated display counter, it has advanced to at higher product category than is customary for this product type, which is typically sold as canned off-the-shelf items.. And the fact that the company has chosen to upgrade the product is strongly indicating a growing market for more advanced and selling packages, he concludes.

The new product line is sold in supermarkets in Denmark, Germany, France, Austria and Italy, and Larsen Danish Seafood has also recently launched a similar product line based on tuna. This means that SCA Packaging Mariager has already supplies the sleeve in nine different versions, several of which with a die-cut window. The cardboard sleeve is offset printed in six colours with superfinish.

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