DS Smith equipment

Equipment Range

Everything you need for a seamless recycling and waste management service. You can't have the right service, without the right equipment.

From recycling bags and sacks, through to wheelie bins, large recycling containers and balers, we'll make sure you're set up ready for the services we provide. Our diverse range of recycling equipment includes the following:

We'll also support you in engaging your workforce in waste management initiatives. Appropriately sized, attractively branded office recycling bins encourage staff to participate toward increasing landfill diversion rates.

Need a compactor or a baler?

We can advise you in sourcing the best recycle equipment for your needs and will supply you with the necessary equipment as part of an integrated recycling and waste management partnership.

Baler on site?

We can provide a service for picking up baled material direct from your site. Our fleet provides a variety of options to efficiently remove bales of recycled material from your premises – right the way up to full trailer loads.