Are you wasting your business’s resources?

When people think about making their operations more efficient, they look at reducing the cost of what they bring in to their business. But are they missing a trick if they aren’t looking at how much it costs to take waste away again? Recycling and waste management is an opportunity to make money for your business, but it’s often overlooked – it’s a necessity that stays under the radar.

That’s because most people still think in terms of supply chains. Materials come in, become products, and are shipped out again – the process has the illusion of a beginning and an end. In reality, if you consider the whole life cycle of your resources, you can unlock the potential of your recycling and waste management, making your business more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

Are you wasting resources that could be doing more for you? If you’re collecting all of your waste in the same bin, you’re missing out. Sending materials for recycling means you’ll avoid spending money on landfill or incineration, but if you collect high enough quantities of material, you can even add a revenue stream to your business by selling your recyclable materials as a commodity. And if you separate your waste streams into different bins – keeping paper, metals, glass, food, and plastic apart from each other – you’ll increase the quality of the material you’re selling.

Businesses should futureproof their operations by investing in systems that prioritise material quality to improve the amount they can send for recycling – as well as the prices they can achieve for their material.

How does material move around your operations? If you’re bringing recyclable fibre back to your distribution centres from elsewhere on your estate, you need to be putting quality at the heart of your infrastructure. With loads highly scrutinised and recycling processes using only the highest quality material, DS Smith could help you to make the most of your recycling operations.

What can you do to make your business more efficient? Do you need your bins collected less often, to reduce your costs and increase your recycling? Could you be procuring for more than just cost, and ensuring your products and packaging are more easily recyclable, for you and for your customers?

DS Smith’s recycling specialists can help you make your business more economically and environmentally sustainable.