Transport Packaging from DS Smith Enhances Brand Image of RENZ - Corrugated Board Instead of Plastic Material

Fulda, 18 September 2019. Offices, copy shops and printing companies around the globe use them: The punching, binding and laminating systems from RENZ. Since April of this year, the world market leader has been supplying its high-quality RING WIRE product line in packaging that is as sustainable as it is strong in identity. The heart of the innovative solution are the box separators developed by DS Smith. The inserts replace the plastic blister solution that had been in use until then. Saving material and space, efficient to pack and flexible in use: The clever design made of 100-percent corrugated board ensures more efficiency and sustainability along the entire supply cycle at RENZ. Branded with logo and claim, the separators reliably transport product and brand promise.

With its machines and consumables for punching and binding calendars and brochures as well as for laminating, the traditional company RENZ stands for premium quality “made in Germany”. The new product packaging for the RING WIRE binding combs should also reflect the high standards of the brand: Optically convincing, ecological and with the greatest possible protection for the quality products during transport. In close cooperation with RENZ, the display and packaging strategists of DS Smith have developed a size-optimised packaging solution including a suitable machine concept. Printed in a modern minimalist design on the outside, the packaging captivates inside with its ingenious inlay. The 5-section separator reliably secures the wire binding combs in the box. No empty space, no slipping, no jamming during removal.

 In addition to high transport safety, the DS Smith solution ensures greater sustainability and lower costs, not only thanks to its reduced use of materials. Reduced transport and storage volumes also help to protect the environment and the budget. The new packaging allows pallets to be used in the most efficient way possible. At the same time, customers can more easily dispose of and recycle the pure corrugated board solution compared to the previous multi-material packaging with plastic blisters. The new packaging concept proves its advantages in terms of efficiency also during the packaging process. DS Smith supplies both overpack and inlay already pre-glued in a flat state. In the production facilities of RENZ, man and machine work hand in hand: A collaborative robot erects the overpack. The employee places the inserts manually in the box and loads them with the required wire binding combs.

 The packaging solution developed by DS Smith combines brand aesthetics with an extra plus in efficiency and sustainability. Both the global player RENZ and its worldwide customers benefit from the added value.

Aesthetics, sustainability and efficiency combined in one package: The box separator developed by DS Smith eliminates empty spaces and reliably transports the product and brand promise of the world market leader RENZ.  Image source: DS Smith

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