DS Smith Takes Switzerland

Whether they are creatively promoting sales in stationary retail or designing innovative shipping packaging for e-commerce: the display and packaging strategists at DS Smith never lose sight of the supply cycle in its entirety. The result is a solution perfectly tailored to the requirements of the customer creating convincing added value. The solutions which DS Smith developed for the Lucerne-based dairy processing company Emmi and the Swiss wholesale business Antalis once again bear testimony to that strategy.

The display and packaging specialist DS Smith has maintained commercial presence in Switzerland for over 20 years. The Oftringen location is not only home to state-of-the-art production facilities but also to one of the company’s European PackRight Centres. In direct cooperation with contact persons from the customer’s procurement, production, sales, and marketing departments, DS Smith is developing innovative display and packaging concepts here. “Only when we fully know and understand the relations and priorities in the brand manufacturers’ supply cycles can we deliver solutions to them which advance their business and create real added value”, is how Thomas Herzog, General Manager of DS Smith’s Oftringen location, puts his company’s value proposition in words. “That can happen in the form of increased sales at the point of sale or more efficient production and logistics processes.”

 Not Without My Caquelon: Christmas Promotion for Emmi Fondue

DS Smith used a very special Christmas promotion to draw attention to the original Swiss cheese fondue: The attractive gift wrapper in the shape of a traditional caquelon presents the instant mix placed in the inlay with great effect while remaining true to the brand. That inventive eye-catcher was developed and digitally printed by DS Smith. Moreover, the display and packaging strategists were also in charge of the assembly of the promotion. Glued and assembled by hand, this corrugated board fondue pot found its way to the customers during the Christmas season, generating attention, enthusiasm, and inspiring “Glust” (a desire) to start melting the fondue straight away.

DS Smith prepared a novel approach in brand presence at the point of sale for the original Swiss cheese fondue by Emmi during the Christmas season. 

A Miracle of Efficient Folding: An E-Commerce Packaging Solution for Antalis

 Papers, packaging material, and products about visual communication are the core competence of the wholesale group Antalis. The group is the unrivalled number one in Europe in this segment, and number two worldwide. In Switzerland, sales is increasingly becoming digital. To guarantee both efficient and eco-friendly shipping of the goods in the rapidly growing online business, the Swiss branch of the wholesaler has introduced a new packaging for e-commerce.

Thanks to a sophisticated folding system, the size-adjustable packaging solution by DS Smith guarantees both efficient and eco-friendly shipping of the goods for the rapidly growing online business of the Swiss Antalis company. 

The set developed by DS Smith consists of three shipping boxes of different sizes, each of which capable of two effective heights. This enables the packing-table staff to perfectly adjust the packaging to the products to be shipped. These size-adjustable boxes help to sustainably reduce operative and shipping costs. The smallest variant can even be sent as a “Midi-Brief”-type letter. At the same time, they generate less packaging waste, reduce the likelihood of transport damage, save storage space and, above all, valuable packaging process time: With its locking quick-folding bottom and self-adhesive strips, this DS Smith packaging solution can be assembled, filled, and sealed in a minimum of time. Even the height can be adjusted in next to no time thanks to pre-cut grooves and a sophisticated folding technique without any need for the usual manual steps.