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DS Smith awarded two ScanStars

ScanStar is a joint Nordic packaging competition which is held annually and it rewards the best packaging solutions in Northern Europe. This time eight solutions were awarded, of which 2 were given to DS Smith. One to Finland, one to Sweden.

The Finnish awarded packaging solution was a transport packaging for beverages designed for Refresco Finland Oy.

The challenge was to create a new transport packaging for TetraPak beverages. One requirement was the need to be able to pack manually, use less material, but made of recyclable fibers and must be recyclable, and it needed to protect the caps during transportation.

DS Smith created a solution which answers to all of these needs – and even more! The transport packaging created for Refresco Finland Oy is made of fully recycled and fully recyclable material and it has been used as litel fibre as possible. The design of the transport packaging is based on CHEP pallets and is easy to use in retail warehouses and then ready for retail shop floor without re-palletizing. The whole packaging is tied to the pallet with locks so there is no movement during transportation and it is safe to handle. The new structure protects plastic caps and keep packaging stable during transportation meaning fewer damaged products and increased customer satisfaction.  The solution is designed to let the primary packaging be seen on the shop floor which helps to increase sales as well.

The other awarded DS Smith designed solution comes from Sweden. This smart packaging solution has been designed for the growing eCommerce sector and it is called 2Way. The inside-out packaging solution is for product shipment and returns. It can be printed according to the need to support the brand or even to be used as a gift box. The clever one-piece corrugated board structure can be folded both ways effortlessly. Being a single piece, it is simple to assemble and it is flat when stored. In summary the benefits of 2Way are:

  • Rapid erecting
  • Inside out convertible
  • Efficient use of material
  • Easy and cheap to produce
  • No additive glue or utilities needed
  • Easy to dispose and recycle

The motivation by the jury:

 This smart inside-out packaging solution is for product shipment and returns in e-commerce. The clever on-piece corrugated board structure can be folded both ways effortlessly. It could, however, have a small pictogram for folding instructions. Shows a lot of potential for gifting and branding. Communicates that it is a sustainable solution.