DS Smith Again Donates € 50,000 to UNICEF

Fulda, 3 December 2018. Bright children's eyes and happily smiling faces - this is how Christmas should be for all children in this world. Unfortunately, the reality is different in most countries on this planet. Many children die of hunger and diseases that can be easily treated here in Europe. So, for the fifth time in a row, DS Smith has decided to donate to UNICEF instead of sending gifts to customers at Christmas. By forgoing a small present, the company’s customers contribute to giving hundreds of children a chance to use this money for a better future.

“For DS Smith, sustainability is right at the top of the agenda,” says Philip Bautil, Managing Director of DS Smith’s Central Europe Region. “This does not just apply to the packaging and displays that we produce every day from corrugated board being our sustainable basic material, or to the energy-saving projects that we actively promote in all our plants. We also want to live up to our social responsibility and demonstrate sustainability here. That is why we have been supporting UNICEF's work for many years now and for five years in a row, we have been promoting the UNICEF campaign “Donations. Instead of Gifts”, which gives children hope for a better future.”

UNICEF is the Children's Fund of the United Nations. It was originally founded to help starving children in post-war Europe. Today, UNICEF is active worldwide wherever children are threatened by hunger, poverty and war.

“We are very happy that we are able to make a small contribution to UNICEF rescuing starving children with therapeutic food or providing them with vital vaccinations,” emphasises Anja Röhrle, Marketing & Communication Manager at DS Smith. “The 50,000 euros can be used, for example, to purchase 150,000 vaccine doses against measles or more than 1,400 first-aid kits containing medication and nutrient powder that are urgently needed for emergency aid on the spot. As a DS Smith employee, this donation also makes me very proud of my company."

The symbolic donation cheque was officially handed over to Dr. Stefanie Günther and Wolfgang Schmid from the UNICEF Fulda working group. “UNICEF can do a lot of good with this sum,” Wolfgang Schmid said delightedly. “At the same time, it is an incentive for us volunteers to continue working actively for children in need. Every amount, no matter how high, helps to relieve the distress.”

For further information on the issue of corporate social responsibility, please go to www.dssmith-packaging.de. Detailed information on the UNICEF campaign can be found under www.unicef.de/spendenstattschenken.


Jointly delighted with the help for children in need: Philip Bautil, Managing Director, and Anja Röhrle, Marketing & Communication Manager, both from DS Smith’s Central Europe Region, handed over the donation cheque worth € 50,000 to Dr. Stefanie Günther and Wolfgang Schmid from the UNICEF Fulda working group (from left to right). This money will give children in need hope for a better future at Christmas.