A different take on paper and cardboard sculptures at Cartasia

The medieval town of Lucca in Italy will look a little different as artists create sculptures and exhibitions crafted from paper and recycled cardboard. DS Smith is the proud sponsor of Cartasia, which will run from 28 June to 2 August 2014.

Pioneering young artists craft imaginative life-sized sculptures from paper and cardboard at Cartasia, the world's first international paper festival. As the event unfolds in Lucca – a medieval town in Tuscany with a rich history and culture, and one of the biggest paper production centres in Europe – guests can look forward to music, dance and theatre bringing the sculptures and exhibitions to life.

The 7th Cartasia Biennial of Contemporary Art sees the young talented artists from all over the world express themselves using one of our oldest communication tools – paper.

But these art innovators are not using paper in the conventional way, as a canvas for drawings and paintings. Instead, they are bringing this very ancient medium into the future, using novel and exciting ways to craft their sculptures.

And since the focus of the festival is on ecological and sustainable issues, the artwork, which can be found all around the city, is constructed entirely from recycled material. As a proud sponsor of the event, DS Smith has supplied the recycled paper and cardboard used by the artists in their modern sculptures.

Plan your visit to the festival from 28 June to 2 August 2014 by visiting Cartasia's website. And let us know which pieces you liked best.