Blue Lab

Bridging the gap between marketing and operations. We fuse insights, branding, and creation, giving your product maximum standout in store.

We drive sales by focussing on the blindspot 

Blue Lab is a packaging consultancy built around a simple aim and a bold approach – to increase brand impact in store through revolutionary techniques of combining and maximising primary and secondary packs.

Our team of experts bridge the gap between marketing and operations by fusing structure, design, shape and graphics to ensure your product will achieve maximum standout in store.

We reconnect your brand's DNA to deliver creative solutions that result in a powerful increase in sales, powered by our unique understanding of four key themes:

  • Availability: Ease of use and distribution, from factory floor to retail store
  • Standout: Disruptive design to differentiate your brand and persuade purchase
  • Communication: Maximum understanding of the message being transferred
  • Persuasion: Products are appealing to the eye and easy to access

Our expertise

We dive deeper than traditional packaging agencies, to offer solutions that truly deliver on the retail frontline. Our knowledge and understanding covers four key processes:

Insights & outsights: Future trends reimagined for packaging

Strategy & direction: Packaging evaluation to highlight opportunities for maximum performance in store

Ideation & creation: Ideation workshops to create bespoke packaging solutions fusing consumer and retail packs

Shoppers & impact: Validating impact of packaging on shoppers through virtual reality and consumer tests

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As a creative consultancy, built on the foundations of over 70 years of packaging experience, Blue Lab is expertly placed to offer impartial, pioneering innovations from the grounded, to the ground breaking. 

Blue Lab services are offered out of the Blue Lab office, Tour & Taxis, Brussels.