All-round protection

DS Smith develops innovative transport packaging for bike racks

DS Smith has developed an environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard single shipment packaging for car bike racks. It securely protects the product and fulfils all requirements when it comes to internal transportation at customers. Constructed as a mono-material solution without Styrofoam or foam padding, the packaging can be disposed of and recycled without any problems. 

The Power of Less

True to the motto 'The Power of Less' DS Smith has constructed a packaging solution optimised for single shipments and internal transportation of double bike racks together with Uebler, a manufacturer of high-quality bike racks. The bike rack is securely fastened in the covering box with two corrugated pads, one attached on the left and one on the right, so that when tested it shows no signs of damage even when dropped from over 60 centrimetres in the air (UPS standard).

On the inside, each of the corrugated cardboard pads fits both the left and right side thanks to special punch holes. This saves the packager from having to handle various versions. Storage and administrative efforts are hereby reduced to a minimum. The pads are quick and easy to set up and attachment to the bike rack is self-explanatory thanks to form lock fixing. No further packaging materials or aids, such as sticky tape, are required for positioning; the pads clip to the bike rack upon attachment. Internal transportation at customers takes place upright without a covering box. The same system is also used for both 3 and 4-bike carriers.

The single shipment packaging was constructed as a mono-material solution with optimised and minimised use of material. Styrofoam or foam padding of the product is unnecessary. The outer packaging can be easily disposed of and recycled together with corrugated cardboard pads.

Versandverpackung für Fahrradträger
DS Smith has constructed an environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard single shipment packaging as a unitary solution for double bike racks for Uebler, a manufacturer of high-quality bike racks.