DS Smith and Layercake on a Joint Space Mission

The larger-than-life corrugated board astronaut created by the Swiss design agency Layercake went on his first field mission at the Space Conference Event 2018 of the Swiss Space Association in Lucerne — and proved a real crowd-pleaser. Creative 3D solid objects such as this help attract more attention, boost the brand image, and encourage interaction at events, trade fair booths, exhibitions, or on social media, and this Swiss start-up company is creating them for its clients. Layercake procures the corrugated board — the basic material of its multi-dimensional figures, objects, and space stagings — from DS Smith, the display and packaging specialist conducting business all across Europe.

The people behind the Lucerne-based company Layercake are product and industrial designers Diego and Marco Rohner. They have both won international design awards, and their work is a marriage of creative design and state-of-the-art 3D modelling technology. What is most special is that the 3D solid objects are designed from two-dimensional surface segments and subsequently assembled from the precisely cut cardboard parts. The corrugated board panels used by Layercake originate from on the DS Smith plant Oftringen. Depending on the project, they are covered in multi-coloured sheets of craft paper.

The extraordinary design of the objects of all shapes and sizes is impressive. The figures bring the brand they represent to life. At trade fairs and events, they draw the eyes of the visitors straight to the message; like the super-size astronaut at the Swiss Space Conference, they are a coveted subject for photographs and therefore frequently become a symbol of identification on social media. Diego and Marco Rohner’s 3D solid objects and space stagings cater particularly to the needs in marketing, scenography, and individual design enthusiasm.

Source: Layercake, www.layercake.ch

A real crowd-pleaser: The creative 3D solid objects by the Swiss start-up company Layercake are convincing brand messengers at trade fairs, events, and on social media. The unique 3D figures are made from corrugated board procured from one of the plants of the European display and packaging manufacturer DS Smith.