Transforming E-commerce

Why poor packaging is bad for business and how to avoid it

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An industry first, DISCS tests whether packages can survive the bumps and scrapes of the average e-commerce supply chain.

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Made2fit is a new innovation that enables the creation of right-size packaging

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E-commerce & distribution

E-commerce has changed the face of retail over the last few years but the landscape continues to evolve quickly.

There are three things that won’t change and one big thing that will:

1. Protection is job number one

The e-commerce supply chain means packaging needs to work hard. There are up to 50 touchpoints in a typical product journey to withstand. Good quality packaging makes all the difference – whether it falls off the back of a truck or is only delivered on the third attempt.

Optimized packaging solutions that achieve the highest standards of protection

2. Sustainability matters

With 85% of shoppers saying they would pay a premium for sustainably packaged goods, it’s time to make zero waste a reality. Tackling void space is also crucial in terms of fully utilizing each square meter during transportation and reducing the raw materials required.

Smarter design and automation to reduce carbon emissions and free up warehouse space

3.Packaging that delights

Shoppers want impactful, in-store experiences replicated in their e-commerce interactions, so why not make unwrapping new purchases a unique moment of home theater? After all packaging is an opportunity to extend brand messaging into the home.

Innovative packaging design ideas that create retail theater and deliver brand messaging into the home

Omni-channel on the horizon

Omni-channel packaging promises to revolutionize packaging for the entire retail sector, both bricks & mortar and online. Through exceptional design and cutting-edge technology, it is possible to develop and produce a pack that will deliver unbeatable performance on the shelf, online and throughout the supply chain. 

DS Smith has developed a series of innovative breakthroughs to offer you unparalleled performance in tackling these three crucial challenges.

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Our network of PackRight Centers continues to grow across Europe so you can find one near you. There we can collaborate to design and build packaging that uniquely meets your needs, your products and your timelines. 

Transforming e-commerce 

Why poor packaging is bad for business and how to avoid it. 

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