Our Graduate Application Process

We see this as a two-way process; it is just as much about you assessing us as it is about us assessing you.  In fact, before you apply why not read some reviews by current employees on Glassdoor.  If you have any questions about the application process, please email us: graduatejobs@dssmith.com.

Screen.pngApply online.

A simple form to collate your contact details, academics and a few key pieces of information. You will also be asked to upload a CV.  (No cover letter is required.)

Memo.pngCV review.

We will review your CV against our requirements. Be sure to focus on key achievements, with clear measures of success. Simply describing what you were supposed to do won’t convince us you are a high performer.

Engineering 8.pngOnline Assessments.

If your CV impresses us we will ask you to complete a suite of on-line assessments. When completing the online assessments, you need to maintain a high level of concentration for a short space of time. Make sure you are in a place where you can focus.  Please let us know on your application form if you need any reasonable adjustment made prior to starting the test. There are three assessments to complete before progressing to the next stage:

  • Verbal - These are designed to measure a person’s ability to interpret verbal information and reach correct conclusions. Verbal reasoning ability is important for any work involving the communication of ideas or the understanding of written information. It can also be important for work requiring analytical thinking.


  • Numerical - These are designed to measure a person’s ability to analyse and draw inferences from numerical information and data. Numerical reasoning ability is important for a variety of roles where working with data is key.


  • Logical - These are designed to test a person’s ability to analyse abstract information and apply this in determining outcomes and patterns. Logical reasoning ability is important for a variety of roles requiring complex problem solving.

(You can practice these tests here.)

Comment.pngFirst interview 

If you meet our required benchmark you will be invited to a 30min competency interview by phone/Skype. Here you will be given the opportunity to talk about specific examples of where you’ve demonstrated the key attributes we’re looking for.  Please also come prepared to show your curiosity and ask us some questions too.

Vision Zero Culture.pngVirtual assessment centre

This is the final stage. Congratulations if you get this far!  We’ll tell you the date as early as possible so you can hold it in your diary.  During the assessment, you will be involved in another competency interview with a senior stakeholder, a group task and an individual study exercise. The day is also a great chance for you to speak to different members of the team here and ask any questions you have about the business. As above, this is just as much about you assessing us as it is about us assessing you!  To ensure success we recommend you:

  1. Be prepared. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you’ll feel on the day, and the better you’ll come across to our assessors. We want to see you at your best.
  2. Be present. When you arrive. Take it all in. The office, the people, the working atmosphere.  We want to meet engaged and curious candidates.
  3. Be positive. About the location, the role, the opportunity and the possibility of working at DS Smith. We are looking people as enthusiastic about working here as we are.

Responsible Employer.pngOffer

Stand out at the assessment centre and we’ll offer you a place on the programme. We can assign you a current graduate as a buddy to help with your decision making. Plus they’ll continue to be on hand to support you throughout your early career at DS Smith.