DS Smith’s Large-Size Product Placement System Promotes RITTER SPORT Chocolate Variety

The display and packaging strategists of DS Smith have developed a colourful, variably expandable large-size placement system in the look and feel of the popular chocolate squares in order to highlight the chocolate manufacturer's large-scale promotion campaign at the point of sale.

The offset-printed and varnish-coated construction consisting of display columns, cross-members and top panels attracts attention from afar in retail environments. The product displays presented below can be arranged flexibly and will delight every chocolate lover with the colourful variety of RITTER SPORT. DS Smith's over two-metre-high shopper magnet made of corrugated board is a real hit on the sales floor.

Attention Guarantee at Point of Sale

The numerous photos posted on the RITTER LOTTO campaign website confirm: The current sweepstake of RITTER SPORT around its colourful chocolate world inspires young and old throughout Germany. No wonder, as shoppers can look forward to numerous attractive prizes and the chance of a BMW i3 in the colour of their favourite chocolate type. In order to be part of the three draws, fans of the practical chocolate squares only have to upload a photo of themselves with five bars of their favourite RITTER SPORT varieties and then bet on their five favourites on the RITTER LOTTO ticket.

 Anyone looking for RITTER SPORT products in the retail trade will quickly find what they are looking for thanks to special placement. The attractive large-size placement systems with a strong long-distance effect and the well-known brand design immediately catch the shopper's eye. The attention-grabbing construction was developed, produced and finished by DS Smith. Two elliptical display columns are flexibly connected to one or two identical crossbars glued together. The structure, under which three, six or twelve product displays can be adequately positioned, thus allows a variable adaptation to the floor space available in retail trade.

The eye-catchers and incentives for the shoppers are the top panels placed on the crossbars, which, like the two columns and the cover panels of the product-carrying displays, lure with high-quality printed photos of the main prizes. The open design of the large-size placement system and the inviting product presentation of the pallet displays stimulate impulse buying and, in combination with the online sweepstake, significantly boost sales.