DS Smith at a glance

DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging and a specialist in plastic packaging worldwide. We operate across 37 countries and employ around 27,000 people.

In order to support our corrugated packaging operations, we have a recycling business that collects used paper and corrugated cardboard, from which our paper manufacturing facilities make the recycled paper used in corrugated packaging. We also design and manufacture certain types of plastic packaging.

Key facts & figures

  • Our business started in 1940 by the Smith brothers in London
  • Today we employ around 27,000 people in 37 countries worldwide
  • For the fiscal year 2016/17 we had a revenue of £4,781m

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Our Strategy

Our customers want broader reaching solutions to their packaging needs; innovation and processes that will help them reduce waste, cost and complexity from their supply chains. By using our expertise from design to production and supply to recycling, we can offer high quality, environmentally friendly, innovative solutions and great service that looks at the whole of our customers’ packaging needs, not just one part.

We call this 'Supply Cycle Thinking'. It is a unified approach to remove complexity from, and simplify, our customers’ supply chains.

Balance of our combined businesses (million tonnes)

Corrugated packaging is our primary output (1):

Key financial highlights

Operating profit (£m) (2)

Return on average capital employed (%) (2)

Earnings per share (p) (2)

(1) Based on annualised contribution from all businesses owned on 30 April 2017

(2) Before exceptional items and amortisation