DS Smith Plastics’ AkyBoard® Panels, Perfect Solution for Protecting the Interior of Commercial Utility Vehicles

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products’ AkyBoard® polypropylene (PP) panels are the perfect solution when used as lining and floor protection for commercial utility vehicles.

AkyBoard panels average as much as 50kg lighter than those used in most Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV). Its light-weight properties aid in the reduction of weight in the vehicles which improves fuel efficiency, reduces CO2 emission and increases load capacity.

The technical properties and bubble-structure of Plastics’ AkyBoard polypropylene panels sets them apart from other products in the market. This is one of the reasons why UK’s leading automotive specialist and distributor of plywood panels for the automotive section ―Advanced Technical Panels’ (ATP)― sells and distributes Plastics’ AkyBoard panels under their ‘Finesse Polyline’ brand.

AkyBoard ATP’s Finesse Polyline is a three-layer panel composed of a central thermoformed layer and two solid sheets. The panel is extremely rigid, durable and impact resistant. They are easy to clean and resilient to acid and oils. Benefits for auto manufacturers include easy handling due to being light-weight; they can be CNC machined; and are 100% recyclable. Ease of use is mainly due to AkyBoard’s light weight of 1.5kg per square metre compared to hardwood plywood weighing 3.6 kg/sq. metre.

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products has recently launched a new range of AkyBoard polypropylene sheets for light-utility vehicles that is being marketed as AkyBoard 3D and AkyBoard 3DS. Different from the standard AkyBoard polypropylene panels that have a smooth surface, the AkyBoard 3DS and 3D have an embossed surface that improves the aesthetics of vehicle interiors and provide additional savings to automakers as it eliminates the cost (labour and material) associated with covering the PP panels.

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