The Complete Service

DS Smith's complete integrated recycling and waste management service frees you to focus on core business activities, keep costs down, and achieve environmental best practice.

Thousands of UK organisations use DS Smith for their recycling and waste management responsibilities. Our perpetual devotion to closing the loop on recycling sets us apart as the only complete service offering that pledges zero waste. It's why customers come to us in the first place, our consistent service levels and continuing innovation keeps satisfaction levels high.

Through recycling, landfill diversion technologies and improved processes for the collection of remaining residuals, we help you harness The Power of Less: achieving more, using less. And we do this in four simple steps.

DS Smith's integrated waste management service:

1. Benchmark

DS Smith starts by assessing your waste management activities through a materials recycling audit. This benchmarks your organisation's performance against best practice in landfill diversion and environmental compliance.

2. Implement

The audit forms part of our agreed implementation plan. This is used to outline the solution to all your recycling and waste management needs and how your goals can be achieved. Supporting activities such as equipment sourcing, health and safety training, and staff process induction are all part of the service.

3. Service

DS Smith will then effectively coordinate all your recycling and waste management activities, including handling the changeover of contractors and any help desk support.

4. Performance

Key Performance Indicators are essential for measuring cost savings and environmental performance. What's more, it makes it easier to realise value-added opportunities. With systems designed to allow intuitive access to management information, you can rely on an insight-driven quality service.

Delivered by the team at our dedicated Facilities Management Centre, we can get all the information we need to continually enhance our service to you.

This blend of detailed understanding is gained from over 30 years industry experience and fueled by a passionate commitment to the innovation of landfill diversion solutions.