Paper Recycling

Helping organisations take one step towards zero waste and reducing the amount they send to costly landfill sites is pivotal to what we do at DS Smith.

We’ve been diverting waste away from landfill and driving forward paper recycling for more than 40 years, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best.

We’re perpetually devoted to closing the loop to achieve zero waste and it’s this commitment that helps us turn 100% of resources into something useful once more.

About our Paper Recycling service

  • We are the largest paper recycler in Europe, collecting circa 5.4 million tonnes of paper annually
  • We have 11 paper recycling facilities making us ideally placed to service your business anywhere in the UK 
  • Our group has 9 paper mills so we are able to close the loop on your material, turning it back into paper products
  • We pick-up loose or baled material and can install any baling equipment you need
  • Our audit trail on where the paper we collect ends up allows you to demonstrate compliance to regulations and meet your sustainability goals

What can DS Smith do for you?

  • Offer you a free Materials Recycling Audit which will show you the value of the resources you’re currently throwing away
  • Provide a service tailored to your specific requirements and waste volumes
  • Take away the complexities of environmental compliance – leaving you free to run your business
  • Provide a timely and reliable service of collections which are competitive, often cheaper and provide you with one point of contact for multiple waste streams

We make millions of products from the materials we gather. The paper we collect provides the raw materials for our paper making operations, which is then turned into new packaging products. This means that recycled paper and packaging supplied at one end of the Supply Cycle is collected and recycled at the other - achieving true closed loop recycling, all possible within 14 days.

Our no obligation Materials Recycling Audit will ensure you get the appropriate collection and the equipment to match. If you would like a free audit please complete the form below.