Cardboard Recycling

Thanks to our processes and solutions, you can reduce costs and improve your environmental credentials.

DS Smith is the largest cardboard recycler in Europe, collecting circa 5.4 million tonnes annually. We have 14 of our own recycling facilities, specially designed to deliver a seamless service.

Passionate about providing the right service for your needs, our no obligation recycling audit ensures you get the appropriate collection and the equipment to match. (We pick-up loose or baled material and can install any baling equipment you need).

The cardboard we collect provides the raw materials for our paper making operations, which is then turned into new packaging products. Using our own transport fleets, we're perpetually devoted to closing the loop on recycling. This means that recycled cardboard supplied at one end of the Supply Cycle is collected and recycled at the other - achieving true closed loop recycling, all possible within 14 days.