Materials Trading

Materials Trading

As the largest fibre recycler in Europe, collecting circa 5.4 million tonnes of fibre annually and with over 25 years in the industry, DS Smith are specialists in the sales and purchasing of a range of materials.

DS Smith as paper supplier

DS Smith’s breadth of industry expertise ensures its collection network is able to source, grade and supply the full range of Paper Grades to a wide spectrum of end user Paper Mills, within the Corrugated, Tissue, Newsprint and Speciality Paper.

We have long established partnership supply arrangements which underpin DS Smith Recycling as a critical primary supplier to Paper Mills outside our own group. Maintaining the highest standards of fibre quality and continuity of supply has ensured DS Smith’s position as the UK’s industry leader in recovered fibre.

Material Distribution

Not only are we specialists in the supply of all Paper Grades, we are also involved in several material trading marketplaces, including Plastics, Metals and Glass. Given that our distribution operation, is wholly owned and controlled by our group, we can work to the highest standards of modern logistics to get the paper and other materials where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Our distribution operation has a long and distinguished track record supporting our mills and providing our customers with one of the best and most reliable distribution services in the UK. If you have material to sell or are interested in purchasing please contact us.