There's only one way

There’s only one way

Human beings are pretty good at using things.

Energy, food, water, packaging – we use all of them, and we’re using more. There’s only one way to make sure our future is sustainable: to use less and recycle more.

We reduce your costs by helping you to turn 100% of your discarded materials back into something useful. We simplify your processes to improve the quality of your recycling, and we turn wasteful supply chains into valuable supply cycles.

When we say we’ll help you to achieve zero waste, we mean it – because we believe there’s only one way to do it.

Let DS Smith show you how

Our blogs offer hands-on, practical advice about implementing better recycling across your business.

‘There’s only one way’ is a five-step guide that outlines the considerations for building a long-term sustainable recycling and waste management programme. From taking stock of your present operations to sharing your successes both internally and externally with your customers, it is a comprehensive roadmap to achieving best practise across your supply cycle.

There's only one way

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We worked with specialist publishers Raconteur on ‘Defining the Balance in Recycling’, which sees a number of contributors including CEPI and IKEA highlight the need for quality materials for recycling. 

Defining the balance in Recycling

Find out how to generate quality recycling materials

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Our information graphic illustrates key facts of recycling, from the revenue you can generate from doing it right to the fines that have been incurred by doing it wrong.

Do your green credentials stack up?


People are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, so businesses need to be transparent on their recycling and waste management.

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The Power of Less


People are good at using things – but using less and recycling more creates clear commercial gains for your business.

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Zero Waste


Business supply chains have many points where resources can be lost – but through better design and stronger resource management, zero waste can save billions.

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