Quality of Raw Materials

Quality of Raw Materials

The quality of the materials we collect and recycle is at the heart of everything we do at DS Smith.

More than just a recycling and waste management company, we are also part of the DS Smith group which is a leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging in Europe. This makes us different to other companies in our sector, because if materials which we collect for our paper and packaging operations are contaminated it means that entire batches can be wasted.

So promoting and maximising recycling to reach the highest quality standards is central to our ethos.

Essential to ensuring high quality recycling is collecting materials through a source-segregated system. This results in less contamination, with the ability to gain a higher value for the higher quality material.

New TEEP legislation: Improving recycling standards 

Current legislation, which was introduced in January 2015 in England and Wales, found within the Waste Framework Directive makes it a legal requirement for paper, plastic, metals and glass to be collected separately unless it is not technically, environmentally or economically practicable (TEEP) to do so. 

We view this legislation in a positive light as it underpins our drive to ensure waste producers and collectors work positively together to ensure quality material is collected for recycling.

The Waste Hierarchy


At DS Smith, we follow the principles of the Waste Hierarchy by starting at the top of the pyramid and not settling for processes which are just above taking waste to landfill. Therefore we also help our customers implement methods to reduce their waste as a first option.

Championing high quality recycling

Externally, DS Smith actively champions the importance of source segregation within our industry. Our External Affairs Manager, Peter Clayson, is the chairman of The Resource Association trade body, which focuses on improving the value of UK recycling.

Leading the campaign for better quality recycling 

We also pride ourselves on being proactive in the development of insightful and educational white papers and blogs which focus on key developments in our industry. In particular we feel it’s important to comment and campaign about issues which lead to less contamination and better quality recycling.

Ultimately at DS Smith we know what it takes to achieve the highest possible quality of recycling that’s demanded in the modern world we live in, and we’ll continue to work towards eliminating contamination in our industry wherever possible, for more information on this please view our White Papers.