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Improving Mail Room Efficiencies with Durable Plastic Dividers

Correos is a Spanish post service company which began in 1716 as a public service. Today they are the main provider of physical and digital communications and deliveries in Spain. They provide an efficient, high quality and sustainable post service; with the best professionals in the field, the largest presence throughout the territory, and the most innovative equipment. Correos contacted DS Smith Plastics’, Extruded Products in Alcalá de Henares, Spain to supply durable dividers for existing plastics boxes to improve efficiencies in collecting, sorting and transporting letters throughout their mailing operations.

The Challenge

Correos needed durable and light-weight dividers to replace old and worn out cardboard dividers and lower the cost of replacements. They wanted every office to have the same durable dividers to standardize their sorting operations. In addition, they needed two different model types of dividers.

Our Approach

The DS Smith Plastics offer consisted of light-weight and durable extruded polypropylene plastics dividers. Dividers constructed with polypropylene plastic provide the durability and resiliency required to endure the traffic in a mailing operation such as Correos without wearing out rapidly. DS Smith Plastics’ Aklyplen® can provide the required durability and resiliency for years. Furthermore, at the end of their useful life, Akyplen dividers can be 100% recycled and re-purposed into new dividers.


After bidding against competitors, DS Smith Plastics’ location in Alcalá de Henares, Spain was able to provide the best quality, price and meet Correos tight deadline. Correos has gained efficiencies in their operations and lowered the cost associated with having to replace worn-out dividers.

Since gaining the bid, DS Smith Plastics in Alcalá de Henares has supplied over 700,000 Akyplen plastic dividers to Correos, which have been distributed among their 2,000 distribution offices throughout Spain.  Today, Correos use two colours (blue and yellow) of Akyplen dividers in all locations inside their plastics boxes.

Currently, the same DS Smith Plastics location in Alcalá de Henares is working on another project for Correos’ ecommerce.