Rapak & Meadowvale: A Secure and Continuous Partnership

Meadowvale, a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of ice cream products, has been a partner of Rapak™ North America (NA) for over twelve years. As part of their manufacturing toolkit, Meadowvale carries Rapak filling equipment and Rapak bags as their primary packaging for their soft serve mix, frozen custard mix, and custom blends.

Key to the success of Meadowvale’s brand is their focus on mastering the skill of combining quality ingredients to produce high-quality and delicious dairy products.

Throughout their twelve year partnership with Rapak, Meadowvale has been filling their dairy products with Rapak’s Autokap 1200 series fillers and packaging their final products into Rapak dairy bags. When they initially came to Rapak ─12 years prior─ with a five-year plan, they had already projected a continuous expansion to the business and traded their single-head manual filling equipment for a fully-automatic filling machine.

The continued expansion of Meadowvale’s manufacturing capabilities has been one of the biggest challenges that this business have faced and one that has kept them competitive in the markets served.

In a recent interview, Meadowvale’s General Manager, Hilary Rose stated:

“Rapak was actually willing to gamble on what I told them was going to happen five years down the road. They were willing to take the gamble with us. Rapak was actually able to sit down and discuss with me what my goals were for Meadowvale and they were pleased to join in the process of growing the company.”

Meadowvale has since grown to incorporate three fully-automatic Autokap filling machines.  Rapak’s Autokap 1200 is a fully-automatic and high-speed filling machine designed to hot and cold fill an extended range of liquid products. This model is ideal for the dairy industry due to its cleaned-in-place system (CIP), a hygienic option.

What’s unique about Meadowvale’s operations is that all of the equipment in their facility has a name. Hilary Rose, explains that every piece of equipment has a different personality which is why they refer to the equipment by name. Their three filling machines are named Chief, Peter and Fillis.

In response to Hilary Rose’s statement, David Murphy, the Vice President of Sales at Rapak NA commented:

“We enjoy that Hilary has the involvement with the operations in naming the equipment. She believes in the equipment, it’s reliable, and it’s a family of equipment essentially. We support that.”

Meadowvale currently runs about three million gallons of ice cream mix a year. With the expansion of their customer demand, the filling equipment makes it easier the meet those needs.

Rapak is proud to be a partner with Meadowvale and looks forward to supporting them with their full dairy product offer as they continue to grow.

Rapak ─part of DS Smith, Plastics Division─ is a leading provider of flexible packaging and filling equipment.